Friday Challenge: Let's write a story!

All right, party peeps.  I've been getting some great support and feedback for this little blog, and for that I am so grateful.  You might not always care about what I have to say, but you care about me, and that means a lot.  So thank you for daring to check in every day to find out what I'm up to.

Today is Friday and Fridays are fun!  So if you're reading this, know that I fully expect you to participate in my Friday challenge!  Don't worry, it's not hard like last week's.   (And Mel wins since she's the only one who participated!  Way to go, Smelly!)


We're going to write a story.  TOGETHER.

I'll start us off.  I'll write a few sentences, leaving the last sentence UNFINISHED.  Then YOU will finish my sentence, adding another one or two of your own in the Comments section (or three or four or five, depending how creative you feel), making sure to leave your last sentence UNFINISHED.

And so it goes.

You can contribute as many times as you want – in fact, I encourage you to pop back here every day with crazy plot twists to keep it going! I'll contribute at least once a day as well to make sure we're going in some kind of general direction, but I really hope my regular readers (all 12 of you, ha!) will participate daily.  Then next Friday, I'll write the ending (if we don't have one already), do a quick edit, and post a polished version of the entire story for everyone to enjoy.

I'm eager to see what kind of cool adventure we as a group can cook up over the course of, say, a whole week.  So come on, don't let me down.  Let your imagination run wild and let the story go wherever it takes you.  Be funny, be dirty, be depressing, be uplifting.  The story is whatever you want it to be.  Swearing and sex are both fine if you think it serves the story.  Unleash your inner writer.  You have one, trust me.

Know that I am NOT not checking for grammar or spelling or perfect prose (that's my job, not yours). This is all for fun! I'm dying to know what's lurking in your imaginations. I had 80 hits on my blog last week so I'm expecting at least 80 parts to this tale. And yes, you may post anonymously if that makes you feel more comfortable – I'll leave that up to you.

Okay, so here's how the story starts.  I'll decide on a title next Friday.

Mitch Warren had an itch on a body part he couldn't scratch while standing on a busy downtown street.  Ducking into an alleyway, he stood beside a sleeping homeless man and reached into his jeans.  He scratched contentedly for a minute until a woman with flaming red hair...


  1. stopped right in front of him with a look of interest, then disgust, on her face that made Mitch blush and quickly remove his hand from his pants.

    But he pulled his hand out of his pants so quickly that his watch band nicked a small piece of tender flesh.

    He screamed like a little girl at the exact same time that he realized that the redhead was Judy.

    Judy and Mitch had been work associates for many years but had never dated or even talked much though he wanted to badly. Mitch could see the fear and pity in her eyes after his high pitched scream.

    Standing up straight with tears in his eyes, he looked her traight in the face and asked her....

  2. Greg Griffin wrote....(I am not anonymous!)

    ..."so, umm, you move? I mean, that is, I never see you at this bus stop in the mornings."

    Judy's face was a portrait of loathing. She never liked that little worm, Steve, and his childish demeanour. His foolish office antics were unbearable but this little stunt? This sexual cry for help tucked away in a disgusting alley with dirty men?

    Judy glared at his quivering face. "Yes, Steve, I did move. I had to move, for your information. I moved because you...."

  3. Whoops! I meant Mitch, not Steve. I mixed up the poster's name with the stories name. That's what happens when I have too many names floating in my head....


  4. ...were freaking out the little old ladies that lived in my apartment building by always following me home. The co-op kicked me out. Apparently they don't like their residents having friends who always have their hands down their pants. Whatever that itch is, you really have to get it checked out."

    He stared at her, a blush creeping from his neck to his ears. "You know exactly why I'm itchy."

    "Hey, we all used the cream. It's not our fault it didn't work for you."

    She turned and walked away. Not wanting the conversation to end - this was the most they'd spoken in the two years they'd been working for the same government agency - he stepped over the homeless man and followed her.

    "Judy, wait! I..."

  5. I have to tell you something, its more than just an itch. I have...

  6. to tell you why I left the agency."

    "Tell it someone who gives a damn," she said, flouncing off.

    "But it's important," he bleated, hobbling after her. "You may be in danger."

    "God, you're impossible, Mitch...

  7. "I know why you left" she looked at him with pity, disguse and a little guilt for her involvement.
    As he read the expression on her face the only word that he could think to say was....

  8. "Please." He touched her arm with the same hand that had been in his pants a minute before and she grimaced. "What they told you, it's not true. You need to hear it from me."

    Judy's green eyes flashed. "Tell me now."

    He glanced up and down the alleyway. The homeless man mumbled something in his sleep. "Not here, not now. Meet me tomorrow morning at High Park, by the pond. I'll explain everything."

    She sighed. "Fine. But you'd better..."

  9. "OK. Judy," he said, "Thanks for coming to High Park. I wasn't sure you would."

    "I wasn't sure either," she said making sure she was beyond reach of those debatable hands.

    " They are following me everywhere. Remember athe homeless man in the alley?"

    "Yes," she answered dubiously.

    "Well, forget homeless. Think CIA. Jesus, they are everywhere."

    Judy looked more skeptical than ever. "And just why are they following YOU?'

    "It's this," he said reaching inside his trousers while Judy screamed, "Shit, I'm outa
    "Judy, no, it's not what you think," he cried. But she was gone. And he was very aware that the bench he's been sitting on was being photographed by a man in a black suit...and the same blue light was blinking in whatever the hell he was holding.Was it a camera flash.
    No, no, the homeless man had had one too.

    Mitch suddenly felt dizzy, the sidewalk was wobbly beneath his feel, and without him realizing it, he...

  10. was crawling over the ground toward the man in the black suit and all of his clothes were disengaging themselves from his body. The breeze felt good. First on his chest, his legs, and then his bare, but shapely, ass.

    Black suit smiled smugly and said into the
    cell phone in his nose stud. "I told you he'd be easy to get. A wimp."

    "Yeah," black suit continued. "Plan on as planned. If we could get the broad would be great. I'll try after i put him on immobilization for six hours.Start counting those big bucks, baby. We're on a home run.
    Fucking A, I'm going to...

  11. get laid tonight when this is all over. And nobody cheap this time. Last skank gave me crabs." He laughed.

    "Judy... where's Judy?" Mitch gasped, writhing naked in the cold morning grass.

    "Shut up, I'm on the phone," the man in black suit said. "Want to meet me later?" he said into his nasal bud. "I'm buying."

    "Do you know who you're working for?" Mitch whispered, reaching out and grabbing the man's ankle. He couldn't feel his legs.

    Black suit looked down at him and grinned. "Do you?"

    It was the last thing Mitch heard before the world went black.

    He woke up in...

  12. ....what seemed like minutes. He was lying on a cold metal table. His arms and legs were strapped down. The itch was unbearable and now his hand was just out of reach to scratch. Looks like an OR room he thought to himself. Beside him was another metal table with surgical intruments. Just at that moment in walked.......

  13. Elvis Presley, complete with sideburns and white leather suit and blue suede shoes.

    "I thought you were dead," Mitch gasped.

    "Do I look dead?" Elvis answered. "No, I just put that story about all those years ago. Wanted to switch from rock 'n' roll to brain surgery."

    Mitch swallowed hard. Was this a dream or...

  14. ...a drug induced haze? Mitch's focus swooshed in an out, sliding from blurry blot that sounded like Elvis Presley to a clear picture of a magenta man that looked and sounded like the King himself.

    A familiar voice leaked from what looked like a crack of a door that broke up the perfect sdea of white-on-white. But, Mitch could not swivel his head to look in thet direction, and staring out of the corner of his refocusing eyes only made him woozy.

    Naked, laying on the cold metal table, Mitch watched the walls expand and collapse like he was a particle floating inside a lung.

    Mitch needed to do something. "If I can just get my left hand free," he thought, "I can....

  15. ...scratch my damned dick."

    After all this, he was still itchy. Unlike with the others, his itch had never gone away. The cream had worked for Judy... but also, it helped that she didn't remember. Neither did the others. Everyone's memory had been erased before they'd been returned, and they'd been implanted with some stupid memory about a work retreat, a weekend spent camping in the woods where they'd all contacted poison ivy.

    If only they knew the truth. The implantation hadn't worked on Mitch. He remembered everything. The fear seared his belly like a fireplace poker.

    Elvis Presley wasn't really Elvis Presley. Black sideburns, an uncanny resemblance and a white outfit, yes, but it wasn't Elvis. The realization saddened Mitch, because if this wasn't Elvis, then Mitch wasn't dead. He was here. Again.

    The scalpel touched Mitch's stomach and he screamed.

    Elvis-who-wasn't-Elvis sighed and moved the scalpel away. "Again with the screaming? Will I need ear plugs?"

    "Fuck you. Just kill me already, motherfucker," Mitch said, tears running down his temples.

    The man smoothed down a greasy sideburn, his mouth pressed into a thin line. "You don't think we've been trying? It never takes. It would seem you're the man who can't die." A smile played on his liver lips. "Too bad you're not the man who can't feel pain."

    The scalpel entered Mitch's belly...

  16. ...and a thin line of red followed the sharp metal. Mitch's eyes rolled back in pain, and the harder he tried to stifle his scream the louder they got.

    "Why ... are you doing this ...?"

    Pseudo Elvis responded ... "Because ...

  17. "God told me too. When the good lord talked to me on that old toilet, you remember, the press was all over it. Well, God said, "Elvia, go forth and help the damned and heathen and especially those who dick scratch to find the road to the great guitar in the sky."
    'I said, of course, Lord. He zapped me through Duke med school, did my residency at Vanderbilt, and here I am. Sending the chicks back to the good lord."
    Mitch suddenly couldn't feel the pain in his belly even though he saw Elvis's scaple continiue to slice layer after layer.
    "Hey Dude," mitch said, drunkenly elated at the lack of pain.
    "Yeah, ???"
    "I don't feel it."
    "Bull shit. You're in agony. Shut up."
    Mitch began to whistle 'Great Balls of Fire."
    Then he carefully unhooked the belts tying him down, sucker punched Elvia, and pocketing the knife (after cleaning it of course- Mitch had been clean even before IT happend- he sauntered out of the operating room, peeked down the hall, winked at a nurse, and realized she didn't see him.
    To test this he pulled on his dick and did an exploratory scratch.
    Not bad. He walked past the nurse's station, copped two doughnuts and began nlooking for some clothes. He found a not bad suit in a young attorney's room, put them on, and didn't notice the nurse grab her heart when she saw a suit with no body walking out the main lobby.
    Now to find Judy and try to get on with getting this situation fixed. He was hungry and stopped again at a hot dog vendor's for a couple of dogs. Again, he seemed not to notice when the young man, screamed, and took off running.
    But he did see the hot dog stand was unmanned. So he set off pushing it before him. He was whistling again. "Ghost Riders in the Sky" and then "Amazing Grace."
    "Mitch," !!!!!!!!1
    He turned. It was Judy.
    And she saw him. "My God, Judy, I..."

  18. "I love you. But, oh hell." He was crying.

    "Want a hot dog?"

    Judy ignored his protestation of love and fixed herself a hot dog with the precision she always used in cooking.

    Then she turned to the sweating Mitch.

    "Now, look here, Mitch..We..."

  19. don't have much time."

    "You can see me? For real?" Mitch said, relief flooding through his invisible body.

    "Of course I can see you," she said, cross. She handed him a hot dog. "Eat quickly. We've got to get moving."

    "Where are we going?" he asked, wondering why she hadn't reacted to his 'I love you'.

    Judy smiled...

  20. and Mitch suddenly realized he'd never seem Judy so clearly. He'd thought her a cute, pretty girl, but he was being led now by a down right beauty. She had strawberry blond hair hangin around her shoulders, large deep blue eyes, perfect skin, and black well shaped eyebrows that ave her face a commanding look.

    "Where to Judy?" he asked again.

    She laughed. "The ceremony of course. You've suffered enough. Now you can be one of us."

    Mitch, invisible but hurting, walked slower.

    "What ceremony. Wait up. I'm not sure I want this."

    Judy turned and her eyes blazed. "What you want has nothing to do with it. You have been chosen. Here, hold on tight, we're going up.

    They began to float upwards and then move more quickly. Despite him embarassment, Mitch clutched Judy's hand. He looked down and could see the city outlined beneath them."

    "Oh my god," he breathed.

    Judy sighed with impatience.

    "Here take this." She pushed a small aqua pill into Mitch's mouth. Suddenly he felt no fear or trepedition. This was fun.

    "Judy. I love you," he said and then said again pulling himself closer to her.

    "Is the ceremony for our marriage?"

    Her lips pressed together. Really, Mitch was a pain. She took another, larger tablet out of her pocket. It was gold and black.

    "Here Mitch."

    He obediently swallowed and The pill caught in his throat and it took a minute for him to get it down. Then thankfully he did feel calm.
    "The ceremony is all that counts, Judy. I know that. We need as many people as possible if this crazy world is going to be fixed.
    She smiled. "thank heaven, at last she had him."
    "Here we are Mitch. " With a little bump they landed in a huge field with thousands of people. Some very old wise looking man was speaking.
    "Congratulatiaons my children. You are chosen. We are chosen. Tomorow you will begin classses, but for now, eat and dance."
    Suddenly food appeared and music resounded through the hills. Mitch made himself a steak sandwich and sat back down.
    He contentedly chewed the tasty steak and drank the liquid he couldn't quite identify.
    it was late when he fell asleep but he felt people moving around him and some kind of clothes being slipped on his body. A feeling of suuperiority swept through him.
    He was a special person. Hewould now

  21. learn how to fly and begin a family. He would persuade Judy to marry him. He did love her. He drifted off to sleep not hearing the little feet coming into the room by him bed and holding a scented paper over his nose.

    "oh wow. Yes. I think I can do that," he said. Then he laughed. Life was wonderful when you could.............."

  22. feel yourself morphing into something much more powerful than you ever imagined.

    He opened his eyes...

  23. "what kind of shit had he smoked to have a dream like that." he thought. As his consciousness began more clearer, Mitch felt light headed and dismayed. Was Judy real? this made his heart ache. Judy had died a few years ago in terrible car accident. She was on her way to see Mitch and he never got to tell her how he felt. Mitch has lived with this anguish for all these years. He was hoping the smoke would stop the dreams but only made them worse. Mitch headed for the shower to clear his head. As he passed the mirror, an image got his attention. Judy staring back at him and blood lines started to form on his belly. Mitch screamed...