The mango tree

I eat mangoes maniacally when I'm writing.  This is no exaggeration.  I can go through a half a bag of Philippine Dried Mangoes from Costco (the bag must weigh about 2 lbs) in one writing session.

I'm convinced they're the source of all my power.

I suppose it could be worse – I could be chomping on M&Ms or ketchup chips (if I could get ketchup chips here in the States, which I can't, which is probably a good thing), but nope, I eat mangoes.  So okay, they're filled with preservatives and sugar, and my mom once told me that in the Philippines they stomp these mango slices into submission using their BARE FEET before they're dried, but somehow none of this dissuades me from consuming copious amounts of this wonderful, chewy delight.

I did try to give up my precious mangoes at one point.  I'd started to wonder if they were contributing to my growing ass (which doesn't need to get bigger, thank you), so I put the mangoes on my bookshelf in an effort to reduce the temptation.  Here's a picture of my office – can you spot the mangoes?

But relocating my mangoes backfired.  Even if I only did move them three feet away.  Because one day last fall, as I was blushing my way through a sex scene, I automatically reached for my mangoes only to realize they weren't in their usual spot (right beside me, between my laptop and my printer).  Desperately needing some chewiness in my mouth to get through the graphic descriptions I was trying to write, I looked up and saw them sitting innocently on my damn bookshelf.  So of course I got up, got the bag, opened it, and indulged.

And by the time I sat back down at my desk again, I'd lost my train of thought completely.

Never again.   Dried mangoes for Jenny = spinach for Popeye.  Why mess with a good thing?

So my ass gets bigger.  I'm married and that's what stretchy pants are for.


  1. Maybe they'll create a non-fat, no sugar dried mango?


    Why not try fresh mangoes?? - Guess that would be a little awkward though... stopping mid sex scene to slurp on a fresh mango, cut flower style!! :) :) LOL!

  2. LOL... yeah not quite the same thing... though I could probably write fresh mangoes into the story! Flower style!

  3. Hey Jenny,

    It could be worst. You could need caffeine or some other stimulant to get you through the days. Lucky for you you're high on love and mangoes. ;)

    You could switch to fresh mangoes but you will probably need a new computer after a weeks worth of mango juice messes up your keyboard.

  4. Hahaha! Awww, you are too sweet Jenny!!! You always give me a good laugh. That's right! You enjoy those mango's...I have never owned so many pairs of stretchy pants in my life ;) No guilt...what works, WORKS!


  5. I understand the mango addiction! I had to break mine a long time ago. It still hurts to walk by them in Costco and not buy any. No guilt, it is your vice!! Stretchy (aka in my house as Joey Pants..refer to Friends thanksgiving episode) pants were invented for a reason!!

  6. Glad you guys understand. Deyana, you look so gorgeous with 2 kids that I can't imagine you'd need anything with stretch!

    As for Joey pants, I have "buffet jeans". They're a whole size too big and saved only for trips to the Mandarin (do you have Mandarin in Calgary, Mich?)