Top Ten Pet Peeves

10.  Magazine inserts.  It aggravates me when I open up a new magazine and three or four sharp squares of cardboard fall out.  I don't need sharp cardboard to tell me how cheap it is to subscribe.  I already subscribe.  That's why I'm reading the magazine.

9.  Telemarketers I hang up on who call back the very next day.  I told a lady yesterday that I wasn't interested in upgrading my Dell computer's warranty.  Didn't matter.  Someone from that department called me again this morning.  At 9 am.   I'm a night owl—calling too early is really not the way to win my heart.

8.  people who dont use any punctuation whatsoever in their messages even if theyre writing on your facebook wall or commenting on photos messages should still have periods commas and apostrophes because not having them makes them really difficult to understand and if you write this way all the time how the hell are you able switch back to proper grammatical sentences for school or work

7.  YouTube videos that pause frequently for "buffering".  Even with my super-fast wireless card and my lightning-speed wireless router and my Speedy Gonzales internet connection, this still happens.  No entiendo!  I am stumped.

6.  People who tell the same jokes over and over and over again.  Not naming names, but I know somebody who's guilty of this.  I don't care how funny it was the first time, by the tenth time I'm gritting my teeth.  For the sake of my molars, please find some new material.
5.  Cat barf.  Especially cat barf I didn't notice until I stepped on it.

4.  TV commercial that are ten times louder than the program I'm watching.  Do advertisers really expect we'll watch the commercial if it's ear-splitting?  Thank God for DVRs and the fast-forward button.

3.  Having important conversations via text or email.  Have something earth-shattering to tell me? CALL. Your message will much more impactful without all the typos.

2.  Eating the last chocolate in the box without realizing it was the last chocolate, then reaching for the box only to find it empty.  It is imperative that I be psychologically prepared for my snacking experience to be over.  Otherwise, I'm left feeling very unsatisfied, regardless of how many chocolates I've eaten.

1.  Toilet paper that comes out under the roll.  Folks, toilet paper should always be over the roll.   Don't ask me why over is right—it just is, and it's not up for debate.  It will literally ruin my bathroom experience if the roll is wrong.

What are your pet peeves?


  1. 12. Having to look at pictures of other peoples' pets.
    11. Yoga
    10. Crying babies
    9. When i'm making macaroni and cheese and i've already cooked the noodles and then i realize i have neither milk nor butter in the fridge
    8. Speedstick, the deoderant company that claims to be "smarter than sweat" - why are they proud of that? that's like saying you're smarter than a rock. what's NOT smarter than sweat? It's SWEAT.
    7. Creationism pamphlets and the people who hand them out
    6. People who go to Tim Hortons and try to order a "venti" or a "grande" and act as though they're too elite to be familiar with the simple simpleton small-med-large system
    5. BUGS
    4. People who talk on the phone in libraries and don't even try to look like they're trying to keep it down
    3. Girls whose facebook status says they're married to a girl even though they're straight
    2. People who wait for the movie instead of reading the book (especially in the case of Harry Potter).
    1. The guy who just came into the clinic and said "Are you new? What happened to the two other ladies, are they dead?"

  2. I'm with you on 3-10.

    As for number 2 -- Not much of a chocolate person

    And number 1 -- I don't care which way the toilet paper rolls (but my husband is thoroughly entrenched in your camp, so after almost 20 years I hang toilet paper the "right" way).

    My pet peeves include coming up with blog topics, which is why I'm stealing your idea and doing this on my blog on Monday...

  3. Erika - Awesome list!

    Jen - Steal away! Can't wait to read your list on Monday!

  4. 10. leaving your turn signal endlessly
    9. Not waving when I let you in in traffic and then you leave your turn signal on
    8. Smokers
    7. facebook -- notifications that you have 12 pizzas to deliver on some app I don't care about
    6. americans booing people from Canada (hey, we are "above" you!!)
    5. Calgary weather... wait 5 mins you never know what you are going to get!
    4. Commerical breaks seem to be getting longer and longer while the TV shows get shorter and shorter. We PVR EVERYTHING!
    3. cleaning up after my husband (though I am sure that is every women' pet peeve)
    2. Having to be at the airport 2 hours before your 45 minute flight!
    1. People who take credit for YOUR work!!!!

    (1b... having my friend of 30+ years live so close but far enough away that I haven' seen her since she moved to Seattle... that will change soon!! ;))

  5. Awww... 1b is so true! But you're right, that will change.

  6. I forgot to mention that I totally agree with Erika's #9... that's happened to me more times than I can count! It's like God's trying to tell me not to eat mac and cheese.

  7. 1. People who sing to songs they think they know the lyrics to but really don't.

    1. Being late for a movie (grrr!!! I hate missing the beginning of a movie, even for a just a minute)

    1. Constant complainers

    1. Bosses, who at EVERY meeting, indicate everything is priority and takes precedence over everything else, then get mad when something doesn't get done - "didn't I tell you it was priority?".

    1. People who think they are better than other people - for whatever reason (since when does your shit smell like peaches and lollipops BIATCH?)

    1. People with bad listening skills (or those that pretend to listen, and then ask 100 questions about the very thing you just explained)

    1. Self absorbed people (you tell this person that you've got a blister on your foot, and he/she reverts the story to himself about the time he had "the BIGGEST blister on his foot, that got gangrene and required antibiotics, and was almost amputated ..." CALM DOWN, I just wanted to ask for a bandaid - I wasn't trying to show you up or anything!

    1. Ignorance

    1. Blame placers (when something goes wrong, or awry, these people have to point the finger at ANYONE else but themselves)

    1. People who try talk to me, when I am clearly, and utterly on the phone with someone else. (Uuuh, I'm on the phone!!??)

    1. People, when I am on the phone, who try to have a conversation through me to the person I am on the phone with (Make your own damn call, on your own damn time, I am not your transcriptionist/translator)

  8. 1. People who text during my seminars

  9. 1. Why Heartburn is called Heartburn? It should be called NECKburn!!!!

  10. Totally agree with everything here, Mel!