First Line Friday: For the birds

Before I do anything else, I've been really lucky to have won three different contests in the past few weeks, and I wanted to give shout-outs to the fabulous blogger peeps who've been so generous:

Thank you, Jennie Bailey, for the Starbucks gift card!

Thank you, Julie Geistfeld, for the Happy Bunny planner!

Thank you, VR Barkowski, for the Edit & Pitch book package!

You guys make it SO MUCH FUN to be a fellow blogger.

And speaking of contests, don't forget to swing by Killer Chicks for the WINNERS ANNOUNCEMENT!  Three lucky readers have won Amazon gift cards... could one of them be you? 

And now it's time for First Line Friday!

What are these birds talking about?  Give me the first line!

"Gwenda, I didn't say you looked fat, I said you looked fuzzy."

Now you go.  Remember, no critiquing!  Just have fun.


  1. Congrats on your wins. lucky old you - I never win anything!

    Love your first line.

    Mine: "Why don't you peck on someone your own size."

    Very lame - sorry.

  2. Wow look at you lucky lady! Congrats! How sweet to show everything off!

    These first two lines were hilarious!! I love this game!

    Mine: "You told me you didn't like him!"

  3. Congrats lucky lady!

    Myrna couldn't wait to experience empty nest syndrome, but it seemed like Wilbur was never going to leave...or shut up.

  4. Firstly, congratulations!

    “Where did you say you laid those darn eggs!?”
    The enigmatic, masked blogger

  5. What a lucky month you've had! Congrats!

    "This nest isn't gonna build itself, Roxanne."

  6. "One? One lousy grub, that's all your brought!"

  7. Congrats on the wins.

    "No you don't look fat with your new feathers."

  8. Wow, big congrats on all your wins! I'd love to come up with a first line but I've already cracked open the wine and that's just not going to happen...

  9. "So this is what you've been doing all day?"

  10. congrats for all your wins :)

    "If you ate all your greens this wouldn't happen."

  11. Congratulations on your contest wins.

    "Hey! You! Get off of my branch!"

  12. "I told you I wanted that twig over here."

    congrats on your wins :)

  13. "I said I wanted an earthworm, not an inch worm!"

    Congratulations on the wins! Way cool!

  14. You're very welcome!

    And my first line is..."You're not building it right!"

  15. Oh, and I have another contest going celebrating my 100 followers!!

  16. Nice job with all of the prize collecting.

    My proposed caption:

    "Hey Bubba! Toss that grub over here! I have outgrown my high school football nickname of greasy beak; honest."

  17. Congrats!

    Love these first lines. :)

    Also, I have a little something for you at my blog today!