My first vlog!

So please be kind!

I'm trying to step out of my comfort zone, which is scary as hell! I thought it would be good for me to try something different, but I'm a total newbie at this video stuff. And I did this at night, so the lighting's a bit serial killer-ish (strangely appropriate?), and I tried to make the volume louder but couldn't... ah well, eventually I'll figure it all out. But for now...

Any questions about CREEP, blog friends? Go for it, before I chicken out and realize how terrified I am of vlogging!

* * *


  1. You did it! Good job vlogging, and thanks for keeping it brief. :)

    Question: this might be personal, but you have a tattoo on your arm! Dish.

    Okay, on a more literary bent, how different is Creep now, after revisions and stuff, compared to when you first thought of the idea?

  2. I thought you were sweet and beautiful! Very good job. (and your text at the end made me giggle. It is terrifying!) :)

  3. I don't know if I'd have the guts to Vlog. You should re-edit and make one full of your f-bombs. :)
    Good job.

  4. No need to be nervous - we're all friends here, after all :P That was an awesome vlog! No rambling, which is a nice change from some I've seen (oy vey).

    Hmm, questions, questions... Ok, got one!

    Out of all the scary books you've read (and written!), is there one that's given you nightmares, or the creeps (no pun intended), or heebie-jeebies, more than the others? I love Stephen King, but even I have my limits - I refuse to read 'It'. Something about clowns just freaks me out...

    Thanks Jennifer! Great vlogging skillz! :D

  5. You left out the F-bombs??? I wanna see the other 80+ minutes! : P

    I just finished your book 2 hours ago and can I just say, "Holy Cow!" That didn't just come out of left field, it came out of the next state! Now, knowing what I know, I want to read it again. Kinda like watching a movie that was so entertaining that you didn't catch the details the first time around.

    Loving 90 degree turns, my question is (hmm, how to ask this without giving anything away?): how did you come up with the twists to the story?

  6. Hmmmm I'd like to know how you kept your four little furry family members out of the vlog? I can only imagine they would be quite eager to help! BTW you did great and look gorgeous. You're much braver then me! Teri :)

  7. You did great, Jen! I was terrified, too, on my first vlog. And I thought I looked (and worse--SOUNDED) pretty god-awful. But yours was perfect and sweet for the first time.

    By the way, I literally just finished your book two hours ago. I was so impressed--it was REALLY good! No, I'm not just saying that. Really, I couldn't put it down these past few days. I felt so invested in all the wonderfully-drawn characters and the gripping plot. This is honestly the most amazing debut novel I've read. Holy crap, girl! :)

    My question is sorta in line with So. Cal. Gal's above: after getting to the "twist" -- and it truly was a masterfully done one, too! -- I found myself wondering: Did you know this would be the twist when you first set out to write the novel? Or did it come to you as you were writing? Because I'm usually good at anticipating twists and I had NO IDEA at all that was going to happen. Whoa!

    Lastly -- yes, I broke myself out of self-imposed blogosphere exile just long enough to tell you how much CREEP rocked my world.

    Thank you for such a great read!

  8. Not sure what was more sexy, you or all the bookshelves!!! The mental slip on the "within reason" comment was very revealing. I want to sign this as 'avid fan' but thats creepy.

  9. i miss u guess who i am

  10. This was great! Although, the f-bombs would have been hilarious! Can't wait to see the next video.

  11. That was SO COOL! You're a natural! Excited for the next one! :D

  12. You're braver than I ma! You did a great job, but yeah, I can imagine how nerve-wracking it can be!

  13. I'm so wishing I had access to this right now, alas the computer at work chose to block it. Poo.

  14. I think your first vlog was great. You seem very personable and friendly. I don't have a question, but I can't wait to see the upcoming answers.

  15. Fantastic job on your first vlog! I abolutely loved it! are you finding your new reality, having major newpapers and magazines review your book?

  16. I love the idea of you swearing and having to edit it out! That's one of the reasons I dislike going on webcam; I can see myself talk and gesture like man was never meant to do. No questions from me, just wanted to say you did a great job, you look so pretty, and I liked being able to hear your voice. God, that sounds so creepy, but I guess that's kind of fitting.

  17. I think you did a terrific job with your first attempt at this, Jenny!
    Sheesh. First vlog-comes off as a professional
    First book-runaway bestseller

    I have two questions. Do you even know what the word "amateur" means?
    And secondly, have you started touring for "Creep," and how is it going, if so?

    I think this is a terrific idea, seriously. People like that personal touch, and you are delivering with the vlog.

  18. So I woke up this morning thinking, What the hell did I DO?

    But you are guys are so sweet and kind that I feel a tiny little bit better. Thank you.

    It's so much easier to write than to speak. For me, anyway.

  19. Very cool interactive vlog -- and you did great. My question, based on having read only 25% of Creep so far: How deep did you have to dig to harness your inner "creep" in order to write Ethan Wolfe's POV so well?

  20. It would have taken me days to get one minute I was ok with! You did great! How super cute are you! And I agree, I write much better than I speak! :)

  21. Oh, my, making a video of myself is one part of being a published author I'm not sure I'll ever learn to love, but you did it with charm and humor, Jennifer. After spending 87 frustrating minutes on this, I can't believe you were able to still look relaxed and poised! What a great idea to answer questions via video instead of only using the written word.

  22. You looked great! And your voice was all low and I'm afraid mine would be all loud, in your face, and's how I handle terror. And yes, videotaping myself would be terrifying.

    Hearing my voice on tape and pics are bad enough.

    You did an awesome job, and I love that your doing this! I'm going to come up with some great questions.

  23. I like seeing you talking! You have such a nice voice. 87 minutes of work for a one-minute vlog!

    My question? Who are you five favorite authors and why?

  24. That was awesome! I recently saw myself in my wedding video and hearing myself say the vows was horrifying. Not because of the vows, but because I sound so different in my head! Haha.

    I'm going to think of some questions and get back to you! :)

  25. What a neat idea! My question for you is this: did you ever hire a professional editor to help you polish your manuscript before getting your agent? (Or did you just have a writers group? If so, do you still meet with them?)

  26. Great first Vlog! You look so pretty. :)

    My question is: how did you develop the tone of your book?

  27. You have such a sweet voice! I was expecting a straight, businesswoman tone! Nice Jennifer. You kept it authentic. I'm a fan.

  28. You look so pretty and glamorous! I did indeed try to create a vlog once, it WAS horrifying, and there were definitely lots of f-bombs being dropped before I gave up.

    Questions... I echo the tour question. Coming to Florida any time soon?

  29. Good think you kept this PG.

    Just like your book.


  30. Aww! You did a great job! It definitely takes a LOT of time to make a vlog. By the way, I like how the room is so purple and mysterious. :)

    No questions from me this week, but I'll try thinking of something.

  31. Cool vlog! And now I have a voice to go with the emails. You look fabulous, too, I must say. Simply gorgeous. I don't think I could ever do that. I don't even like to have a still shot taken! HA!

    Anyway, my questions:

    First, did the story for Creep come to you over time or as a whole?

    Second, are you a panster (write by the seat of your pants) or a plotter (carefully plotting beforehand, like with an outline?)

    Third, how close is the published book to your first draft?

    And last, how much editing did your publisher ask for?

    That's enough for now. I have to leave something for us to actually talk about later.

    Thanks for sharing, Jenny!

  32. Was your husband freaked out the first time he read your book and saw how dark and twisted you could be?

  33. Great vlog. so what's the premise/synopsis of Creep? :O)

  34. Awesome vlog!
    And you know? Now I feel I even know you better! :D
    And I totally get the nerves... so much that I haven't vloged, not once.
    I might shoot you an email later and ask you how you do one... I have no idea how to edit, for instance! :P

  35. I saw you had posted this a few days ago, but did not have a chance to view it until now.

    Well done!

    And 87 minutes of video for one minute of product? That sounds about like my ratio of trying to write something versus how much time a reader actually spends reading one of my posts.