The Best Thriller Reads for 2020

Featuredimage The Best Thriller Reads for 2020 - The Best Thriller Reads for 2020

With 2020 just around the corner, do you already have plans to spend the first couple weeks of the new year? If you want to start the year right and get productive right off the bat, we recommend some time to read the best thriller novels by our fellow Canadian writers.

We assure that all books on this list will not disappoint and will surely give you a whole new level of thrill and excitement. When you are talking about thriller and mystery, Canada has so much to offer.

Post Image The Best Thriller Reads for 2020 Find You in the Dark - The Best Thriller Reads for 2020

Find You in the Dark by Nathan Ripley

Find You in the Dark is a great read if you want something dark and ominous. The story revolves around a man named Martin Reese residing in Seattle who loves to dig things up and uncover stories about something or someone.

The family man found himself and his loved ones in danger when he found the undiscovered remains of a victim. The victim’s murderer was not happy about Reese finding the body. Reese also attracted negative attention from an investigator who started chasing him. He now must protect his family and himself from the law and a man who broke the law on so many levels.

Post Image The Best Thriller Reads for 2020 The Whisky King - The Best Thriller Reads for 2020

The Whisky King by Trevor Cole

The Whisky King remains one of Canada’s biggest mysteries. The book is about the life of notorious criminal Rocco Perri. He was famous all over Canada for the bootlegging operation he led and other criminal activities he controlled.

The book tells about his life in Canada as an immigrant from Italy to a big-time crime lord in the streets of Toronto.

Perri was one of the biggest names at the dawn of the 20th century. He was feared by his enemies and was a primary target of the police. However, one fateful day, in 1944, Perri, out of nowhere disappeared without a trace. No one knew where he went or what happened to him.

The author of the book Trevor Cole received different feedback, but no one can deny the complexity of the story he told. He was also applauded as one amazing writer from Canada.

Post Image The Best Thriller Reads for 2020 Hysteria - The Best Thriller Reads for 2020


Hysteria is a psychological thriller masterpiece by Elisabeth De Mariaffi. If you want a thriller, mystery with a hint of horror, this is the book for you. The book tells the story of Heike Lerner, a German woman who escaped Dresden in the midst of the Second World War to start fresh in the big apple, New York.

She managed to do so after falling in love with a man and having a four-year-old-son. But one day, a little girl appeared and then disappeared quickly, together with Lerner’s son. The story begins.

There are more thriller novels to read and make sure to check out our blog for more. We assure you that the novels on this list will go the distance and give you all the thrill you want.